Our Sloth Friends are sharing their stories and experiences as they are Slowing Down for Mental Health.

Welcome to our journal: A collection of one’s thoughts, observations, stories, and experiences that are written over time on a particular subject.

We have 5 contributing members sharing stories:


Busy Boo Sloth

Joyful Jo Sloth

Moody Max Sloth

 Sassy Sam Sloth 

Our Sloth Friends have an inclusive online community. They connect with each other almost every day. It’s one of those chosen families that continually embrace everyone who are kind into their family with open arms.

Sharing our experiences feels therapeutic and hopefully it can be helpful for others to feel like they’re not alone.

Hearing someones story can help process our own and/or help us understand others better.

Follow along as we talk about every day online life and Slowing Down For Mental Health.

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