Sassy Sam Sloth

Hello, I’m Sassy Sam. I love my Sloth Friends as we are all Slowing Down for Mental Health! 

I was recently clinically/professionally diagnosed with ADHD. The signs of ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

I like to tease but not in a mean way. I’m bold, cheeky, and a bit feisty.

I can come off as confident and sometimes disrespectful which I definitely don’t mean to be! I tend to blurt out inappropriate things sometimes but most people think I’m funny and authentic, I think. 

Some of my symptoms:

– Hyper focus but also having hyper low points.

– Interrupting conversations.

– Acting without thinking.

– Struggle with retaining information.

– Poor time management.

– Easily distracted.

– Trouble coping with stress.

– Disorganization and problems prioritizing.

– Mood swings.

– Forgetfulness.


The stigma I feel with ADHD is that everyone with it is just hyper, forgetful, and exhausting to be around. I think we’ve come a long way with more people talking about mental health.

I don’t think that you have to be diagnosed with ADHD like me in order to relate to feeling some of the same emotions that I have. Being diagnosed with an ADHD is complex. 

I appreciate having a place to express some of the ways that I work through some of my symptoms. 

I’m learning to be sassy without being offensive. I’m a work in process but aren’t we all?

My favorite color is orange and my favorite mantra right now is “I don’t know”. 

I appreciate having a place to express some of the ways that I work through some of my symptoms. I look forward to sharing some of my stories with you and hope you will follow along!

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I’m glad you got to see me today, 

Sassy Sam Sloth


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