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Welcome to my Busy Boo Sloth show where my mind never slows.
I love my Sloth Friends as we are all Slowing Down for Mental Health!

I was clinically/professionally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 

Sometimes I mask my symptoms of the everyday battles that I fight. The constant fear I feel of the worst case scenario coming true, always feeling so restless, the worry that sends me into feeling overwhelmed so often, the trouble I have with concentrating on anything.

No one sees my daily struggles. I become isolated and feel misunderstood when others dismiss my feelings as if it’s all in my head and they tell me to just change my mindset, it’s a choice. Then I just beat myself up over not making the best choices! This leaves me feeling exhausted even from just doing a simple chore or doing any self-care can become so difficult for me.

The stigma around anxiety that I’ve experienced is that everyone has anxiety, you just have to push through it. Hearing things like that only  feels very dismissive and insensitive. 

I’m motivated to find ways that will work for me to calm my mind. I’m willing to try it all and will take you along for this journey with me.

When I have anxious thoughts that take over, I am sometimes able to use the tools I’ve learned over the years from therapy. I’m learning more and more to reach out to my friends and not feel like a burden to them.

I have a lot to say and to do but I know my health depends on finding what really matters. I’m learning to use my energy wisely to understand that relaxation doesn’t mean I’m being lazy.

I don’t think that you have to be diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder like me in order to relate to feeling some of the same emotions that I have. Being diagnosed with an Anxiety disorder is complex. 

I appreciate having a place to express some of the ways that I work through some of my symptoms. 

My favorite color is red and my mantra is ‘Rest is the highest form of research.

I look forward to sharing some of my stories with you and hope you will follow along.

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In service and health,

Busy Boo Sloth


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