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Our Sloth Friends are Slowing Down for Mental Health. They are the modern day online version of Winnie The Pooh and the show, Friends.

We’ve all grown up with and enjoyed classic shows such as Winnie the Pooh. Where we learned valuable lessons from such lovable friends as they explored the woods together.

A lot of us watched the 20 somethings Friends who gathered around a coffee shop to form such tight bonds with laughter and tender moments.


Now we present to you the newest most lovable Sloth Friends as they explore online friendships and Mental Health: Boo, Jo, Max, and Sam. Becoming the next classic friendship to be loved by all. Follow along with their journey as we learn and grow with them in this safe online community that’s Slowing Down for Mental Health.

Our online Sloth Friends home is in the rainforest of Central and South America, but these 4 best friends actually met online. Central and South America is obviously super large and our Sloth Friends are known to sleep a lot and move slowly. So, when there is some spare time they do like to scroll the internet just like anyone else.

We are embarking on a new way of being in the world today which is more time online and learning from each other about mental health more so than we have ever seen before.

We are here to embrace our differences and recognize our similarities as we are Slowing Down for Mental Health. Learning and growing together with our online Sloth Friends community.

Our Sloth Friends understand the importance of relaxing, slowing down, and preserving their energy for what’s really important in their lives.

– Sloth Facts –

– Sloths belong to the superorder Xenarthra, a group of placental mammals believed to have evolved in the continent of South America around 60 million years ago.

– It’s said that without sloths there would be no avocados.

– They can survive on relatively little food down. It takes days for them to process what other animals can digest in a matter of hours.

– They move 3 times faster when they swim. They can hold their breath under water for about 40 minutes suppressing their metabolism that will makes their heart rate a 3rd of it’s average speed.

– They spend 90% of their life hanging upside down.


You are a big part of our online Sloth Friends community! We value your struggles, triumphs, and input here. After all we are coming to you from the internet, the technology that brings us together. This is the place we find those that we connect with the most. Connect with us on Social Media (@SlothFriendsOfficial), sign up for our free Newsletters, Contact us, and/or become a Sloth Friends member here

– Giving Back –

Our adorable Sloth Friends with their witty wisdom have created an exclusive line of gifts and apparel for you to purchase. Proceeds from your purchase will help fund the upkeep of this website, sponsor the Co-Creating Impact Podcast, and we are looking into donating to a reputable cause.

About Lori

I’m the one behind the Sloth Friends adventure. I enjoy writing, bringing others together, and learning is my favorite. 

I’ve met some fantastic souls online and my creative mind couldn’t stop thinking about  this project and how much we can all learn from each other.

Personal Experiences are valuable. I’ve been actively pursuing my healing journey with my health and mental wellness team for years.

Some of the things I’ve experienced:

  • Infertility – Find my story from the article in Simply Gluten Free Magazine.
  • Single Mom
  • Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Food Sensitivities 
  • Addictions
  • Homelessness
  • Migraines
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Domestic Abuse
  • SA
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dissociation
  • Depression

I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition acquiring the important skill set of holding space for others among many other things.

It’s important to allow ourselves to establish our own goals that will lead to our vision/dream. This can be extremely challenging if we have been in a toxic relationship. Or even if we’ve just been consumed with our roles for so long. Such as being a parent, spouse, caregiver, employee, and etc. 

We can learn to elicit our own perspective, explore broader perspectives, engage in self-discovery, set boundaries, honor our boundaries that we set, create sustainable healthy habits, and put into practice our problem solving skills. 

We aren’t our diagnosis!  



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