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It’s hard to bring value to others when you’re struggling with difficulties in your personal life and feeling exhausted, burnt out, and just full of anxiety and depression. Especially if you don’t have anyone working with you or for you. Which is often the case in the beginning of creating your brand or business.

Brining value to others is the number one thing that’s taught when you are creating your brand or beginning/promoting your own business. It is important in that sense because you don’t want to just sell sell sell. You want to create a community and bring that value.

The value that you bring simply means that you share your knowledge within the niche you’ve chosen. Creating that know, like, and trust factor that will entice someone to buy from you rather than your competitor.

This is why sharing your personal story on social media has become so popular. Bringing value includes being relatable to your demographic so that when you share your knowledge, it will be well received.

My Story

I’m not good at social media. I don’t know how to share my story on social media. I don’t want to sound like a downer or sound like a know it all Pollyanna. So, I avoid it. I don’t know how to bring value to others. Especially when I’m in the middle of a stressful situation which unfortunately seems to be more often than not.

My therapist asked me how I’m working through the stressful situations that recently came up and what methods of self-care I’m using. I’m just still in survival mode, always in survival mode. Externally, I mask my emotions when needed as I internally drown.

Logically, I do know what I need to do to take care of myself. Oh how I dislike the needa, woulda, shoulda, coulda’s. But I do know what to do. I did take a step in the right direction this week with getting a therapy sun lamp for my depression. It helped a little. I walked a little which helped a little. I journaled a little and talked to a couple friends which helped a little.

The amount of focus I’m unable to sustain for getting any work done is hard to wrap my brain around. I’ve always seemed to be able to push through the stress with what seemed to have less after effects on my emotional well-being in the past. Maybe because I relied on numbing myself with addictions that I no longer have.

A few days after speaking with my therapist, I marinated on what type of self-care might work right now as I go through another stressful and difficult time in my life. What could I be missing with all the self-care I’ve tried over the years and continue to try? The only things I came up with is not having a pet or feeling like I have anyone I can rely on in my new location. A couple of new goals to work toward.

As I work on achieving my two new goals, I will continue to look within to learn how to live less in that fight or flight reactive state when stressful difficulties present themselves. Focusing on feeling the emotions rather than keeping ‘busy’ to avoid the feelings and stuffing them down to create havoc on my body and emotional well-being.

My intentions for this weeks post was to bring value to others, but doing the best I can is more important than adhering to my people pleasing trait or societal pressure to always have to bring value to others. After all, our value isn’t reliant on productivity. Right?! So what if the quality of my posts aren’t always on point. I’m speaking from my heart, not using the AI apps. My mental health is much more important than perfectionism.

I hope that my story has helped shed some light on different ways that we can walk through life and learn from one another. Maybe my story could help you, someone you know, and/or maybe my experience is good to hear because it’s relatable. Sometimes hearing someone’s story can help us process our own.

We just have to keep trying different things to find what will work for us. Remember that what may work for one, may not work for another. Hang on and keep trying!

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Seeking professional help is courageous!

Are you Slowing Down for Mental Health?


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