Revising the Entrepreneurs Elevator Speech

My ADHD perspective on revising the entrepreneurs elevator speech may ruffle some neurotypical feathers. It can also take some experimentation. As with everything in life; what works for one, may not work for another. It’s an ongoing process of learning what works for your specific business and your specific needs/wants.

Being an entrepreneur is said to be a good profession for people who are diagnosed with ADHD because we can hyperfocus on little tasks so that we don’t have to do one thing for too long. Then when something launches, we can move on to another project within our business. There’s multiple things that need attention when operating our own business which can be conducive to how our brain operates.

My Story with Revising the Entrepreneurs Elevator Speech

What hasn’t worked over the years for me is that I followed the entrepreneurial trends. There’s a trend that advices that we niche down and describe in detail the type of person with whom we serve, what ‘problem’ we solve, and how we solve it. And then there’s the drill of offering value we hear so often for entrepreneurs.

The reason that doesn’t work for me is because I see things as an opportunity for learning lessons and for growth. I don’t want to solve anyones problems nor do I think anyone is really qualified to solve anyones problems. I’m tired of seeing everyone in the entrepreneur field say they help someone with something. Where’s the teamwork?

An example of what I see on social media all too often: “I help working moms organize their lives using self-care.”

  1. There are many people that do not feel they need/want help. They would not admit they need/want help or ever ask for any help. Don’t assume people want any help from anyone. Help insinuates that you want to sell me something or invite me to watch a webinar or send me to a long/drawn out sales funnel.
  2. You’ve just limited a lot of people to help by saying you only want to help working moms. What if I’m a mom and connect with you but am not working right now?
  3. Who says we need to be so organized in our lives, you don’t know about me and my life. Some moms already feel plenty organized. Assuming that you can help me organize any better than I can do it myself doesn’t set well with me. Maybe I just need your motivating energy to get me going, not necessarily organizing tips.
  4. Here we go again with the overused word of self-care.
  5. Offer value? I believe our value isn’t reliant to our productivity. Our presence is offering plenty of value. We are either aligned with our values and virtues of our own and others or we aren’t. Be yourself without trying to constantly sell me anything and if I’m interested, I will find a way to connect with you.


Can we move away from this trend, please and shift the elevator speech? Maybe just try expressing our passion of organizing and/or experiences of what self-care tools that have worked for us that may or may not work for another?

If we need a one liner elevator speech about our organizing services to put on our social media/website pages, maybe we can try this:

  • Join me in the pursuit of organizing for our peace of mind. Or just say, “Organizing for Peace” and add a ‘Join Me’ button that takes them to your page that explains what you do with the different packages and prices.
  • Let’s organize for our peace of mind. Add a button that says,”10% off Packages”
  • Let’s declutter to make room for more joy/peace!  Add a button.
  • Less stuff = less stress. Add a button.
  • Organizing for Mental Health. Add a button.
  • Peer Supported Organizing Services. Add a button.


See how non-invasive, less salesy, and more relaxed those sound? Allowing people to investigate your work for themselves. If they like what they see from you on social media, they will follow you and then perhaps look into your services if they are called to do so. If someone asks you what you do for a living, go into more detail or direct them to your website/ media pages.

I hope that my my story with revising the entrepreneurs elevator speech  has helped shed some light on different ways that we can walk through life and learn from one another. Maybe my story could help you, someone you know, and/or maybe my experience is good to hear because it’s relatable. Sometimes hearing someone’s story can help us process our own.

We just have to keep trying different things to find what will work for us. Remember that what may work for one, may not work for another. Hang on and keep trying!

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Seeking professional help is courageous!

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