ADHD Hyperfocus Aftereffects

Do you or someone you know experience ADHD hyperfocus aftereffects?

Emotionally crashing after finishing a task isn’t unique to just people that have been diagnosed with ADHD but it can happen more often and feel more intense. When our chaotic ADHD brain brings us to that intense concentration called hyperfocus, the aftereffects feel like we are back to chaos AND emotionally drained simultaneously.

People diagnosed with ADHD will oftentimes work harder at something than most people. Hyperfocus can feel like a bit of a release from our chaotic mind, finally bringing some clarity to it.

Hyperfocus is being transfixed fully on a project or a subject. To the point of neglecting other aspects of our lives such as taking care of ourselves and/or others. It can become a problem when we ignore the world around us.

This hyperfocus can feel like we’re being productive but it can be more like an obsession at times. When we finally escape the rabbit hole and our fixation of the project or subject is considered complete, we can feel depleted of all energy leading to burnout, depression, and/or anxiety. Feeling like we’ve taken on too much.

Then the guilt and shame set in that can make us feel paralyzed to do anything at all.  Asking ourselves if neglecting ourselves and everyone around us was for a good purpose. Was it a worthwhile subject to even loose ourselves in?

We can then experience chronic exhaustion and reduced executive functioning skills; such as thinking, remembering, making plans, and performing basic self-care skills, and activities in daily living.

It’s important to learn how to reset our nervous system to put ourselves back into our window of tolerance since we live in extremes. Talk to your doctor.

My ADHD Hyperfocus Aftereffects Story

I have a few projects going on that usually doesn’t take much effort. But I’ve been putting them off for this one project that has all my attention right now. I’ve been hyper-focused on creating a workbook around a fixation that I’ve had for a year and a half. I researched and learned everything I could on the subject for this particular workbook I wanted to create. I googled and researched how to create a good workbook and what platform to use. Then I wrote it with many re-writes.

Because I haven’t the money to take courses on how to do things like this, it takes longer to figure it all out. Especially for my ADHD brain that’s not good at remembering things and doesn’t comprehend well.

At this point it’s a downloadable pdf, but the words on the computer look too big whereas on the phone, the size is perfect. On some phones, you can type on the workbook but not on all phones. Some people, like myself, prefer having a workbook in hand to write on.

Falling down the rabbit holes of research again, I feel the pressure to figure out the best and most affordable way to do print on demand with the workbook that I’ve spent all this time making. This one has me way too stumped right now. It becomes too overwhelming and at this point, I just give up. I will let it be a big printed pdf for anyone to download if interested.

The project cannot be completed and the aftereffects has contributed to my already depressed state from the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that I have right now.

When I say that I’ve given up, it’s not just about the workbook. That’s just one aspect of it. Now I feel guilt and shame for spending all that time working so hard on an unfinished project. I’ve neglected other projects and obligations. At this point, everything feels like it’s just too much and I’m a failure.

I’m already overwhelmed in my everyday life from things being too loud, my clothes feeling weird, there’s weird smells, and my hands feel dirty. Or just from bathing, yes even that feels overwhelming. Let alone the everyday overwhelm from obligations like bills, broken toilets, maintaining relationships, grocery shopping, car maintenance, trying to spend quality time with our children, and etc.

Feeling paralyzed from being able to do simple tasks cannot be labeled as lazy. I’m hard on myself even though I know better. It’s the guilt and shame that get to me. I don’t like making excuses as to why I cannot call, text, or go to an event with someone when the real reason is because I’m exhausted from just bathing myself.

The tools that I use to help me through these times are regular appointments with my therapist, walking when I can, and a few others that I won’t bore you with right now.

I hope that my ADHD Hyperfocus aftereffects story has helped shed some light on different ways that we can walk through life and learn from one another. Maybe my story could help you, someone you know, and/or maybe my experience is good to hear because it’s relatable. Sometimes hearing someone’s story can help us process our own.

We just have to keep trying different things to find what will work for us. Remember that what may work for one, may not work for another. Hang on and keep trying!

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This is only my opinion and experience, I am not formally trained or education in this field.

Seeking professional help is courageous!

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